ARMYs Trend “Free BTS” After “Good Morning America” Host Barely Talked About BTS— On A Segment About BTS

The host even called them “new to the scene.”

BTS appeared on Good Morning America earlier this morning to perform “Butter” and “Dynamite,” and fans were freaking out over the boys’ performance and killer looks. But that excitement turned to anger when the Good Morning America hosts talked about the culture of K-Pop instead of focusing on BTS, and their particular choice of words.

| Good Morning America

The segment was introduced as taking a look into how BTS’s music is uniting fans around the world, but Host T. J. Holmes instead introduced viewers to the K-Pop industry as a whole, showing clips of SuperM, TWICE, aespa, and others. This angered ARMY because rather than look at BTS’s journey specifically, the segment instead dived into why K-Pop in general is popular, and the formation of fandoms.

Not only that, but T. J. also called BTS “new to the scene,” when they are the farthest thing from new.

ARMY were visibly upset by this mistreatment and voiced their disappointment of the segment in the YouTube comment section and even trended “Free BTS” on Twitter.

This is not the first time Good Morning America was criticized for their choice of words, after calling Minari actress Youn Yuh Jung a “breakout star” when her extensive acting career indicates anything but that. ARMY were upset that credit was not given where credit was due, and the lack of focus on BTS in this particular segment when it should have been about the group.