Lee Hongki Reveals He Once Spent Over $8,000 On One Nail Art Design

What a freaking flex!

F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki is known for a lot of different things — his phenomenal singing talent, variety show humor, but most notably, Lee Hongki became known for his love of nail art. The boy band member previously made headlines when it was revealed that he had an aficionado for nail art, as he uploaded numerous photos showing off his hobby.

F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki | The Asia Business Daily

The F.T. Island member talked about his passion for nail art on the most recent episode of SBS‘s Tiki Taka, where he discussed his hobby more in-depth. When asked about his nails and the up keep, Lee Hong Ki revealed that he hasn’t done nail art in awhile, but that he still enjoys it.


I’ve been preparing for a musical so I haven’t been able to do it (nail art), but I have done it in the past. I even published a book about it.

— Lee Hong Ki

In 2013, Lee Hongki expanded his love for nail art by publishing a book titled, Lee Honggi’s Nail Book. The book not only showcases his knowledge and passion about the art, but also discusses the stereotypes regarding men and their nails.

“Lee Honggi Nail Book” | FNC Entertainment

Shortly after the nail art discussion began, the F.T. Island member talked about the shocking financial investment he put into one specific nail art design.

Photo of the diamonds | SBS

There was a time I spent ₩9.00 million KRW (about $8,120 USD) to put diamonds on my nails. Later on when it was time to take it off, I had to take it off with extreme care.

— Lee Hong Ki

Naturally, the cost shocked the panel of Tiki Taka, with many of the show’s guests and hosts asking if they were actual diamonds.

Panel: “Real diamonds?” Lee Hong Ki: “Yes, real diamonds!” | SBS

Lee Hong Ki continued to flex by sharing that that was not the only instance when he utilized real diamonds for his nail art.


I once used black diamonds to make a cobra ring.

— Lee Hong Ki

That is actual insanity! In related news, Lee Hong Ki has been busy promoting in his current musical, 1976 Harlan County, as he portrays the role of Daniel.

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