Fujita Sayuri Just Gave Birth Through A Sperm Donor As A Single Woman — But That’s Not What She Originally Wanted

Fujita Sayuri originally wanted to marry her long-time boyfriend and have a child together.

Popular television host, Fujita Sayuri recently made headlines for giving birth to her child through a sperm donor as a woman who’s not married or dating at the moment.


And while many are praising the star for her decision, Fujita Sayuri took to her YouTube channel to share to fans that that’s not what she originally wanted to do.

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Fujita Sayuri explained that she had her eggs frozen at 37 years old, but when she visited her doctor after her menstruation stopped at 41, she was told that she was soon approaching menopause.

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As such, Fujita Sayuri chose to have a child on her own rather than giving up on having a child altogether.

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But she revealed that prior to the decision, she had a long-time boyfriend whom she broke up with and got back together multiple times.

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According to Fujita Sayuri, she wanted to marry her boyfriend of many years and have children together, but her boyfriend did not.

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As a result, they were on and off in their relationship before they broke it off for good.


Fujita Sayuri explained that while it was not her first choice to have a child on her own, she believes it’s a woman’s right to do so if they’re able.

Of course, having a child with someone you love is the happiest scenario. But I couldn’t, so I had one on my own. In Korea, the belief that abortion is a woman’s right is a hot topic of conversation. If that’s the case, I believe it’s also a woman’s right to have a child.

— Fujita Sayuri

Check out her full story below:

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