F(x)’s Amber Liu And GOT7’s Jackson Wang Prove They Have The Most Iconic Friendship Ever As They Cameo In Each Other’s Music Videos

Six years after he cameoed in her MV, she has returned the favor!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and f(x)‘s Amber Liu have got one of the best friendships in the industry.

Amber Liu (left) and Jackson Wang (right)

They have literally been friends for years…

And they are still as close today as they ever were, despite all of the changes that have happened in their lives.

Amber in the audience of Jackson’s performance at Chuang 2021.

Whether it’s offering to send her money or just randomly crashing her live broadcasts, he’s always there for her. Likewise, she’s there for him too!

Jackson commenting on Amber’s Instagram Live. | @ajol_llama/Instagram

They are such great friends that they will even cameo in each other’s music videos! Even when Amber was still under SM Entertainment and Jackson was in JYP Entertainment, he appeared in her solo debut “Shake That Brass” in 2015 among many other celebrity friends of hers.

Amber and friends on the set of “Shake That Brass” MV. | SM Entertainment

It was literally so iconic. We all need a hype man like Jackson.

Jackson’s cameo in “Shake That Brass” MV | SMTOWN/YouTube

Now, six years later, Amber is returning the favor.

Jackson’s hip hop quartet PANTHEPACK, consisting of himself, Karencici, J.Sheon, and ICE, is preparing to release their new music video for “Pull Up.” Until its release at midnight EST on September 24, they have been releasing teasers.


In teaser 3, which was recently released, the eight-second clip showcases an excited group of people at what appears to be a party. Amongst the crowd is none other than besties Jackson and Amber!

“Pull Up” MV Teaser 3 | TEAMWANG/YouTube

Fans are excited to see the two back together in the clip, and we can’t wait to see more when the full music video is released!

“Pull Up” MV Teaser 3 | TEAMWANG/YouTube

Currently, Amber is signed to RYCE Entertainment, partnered with Jackson’s label TEAM WANG, so we will likely see an official collab between these two in the near future!

Watch the teaser for “Pull Up” here:

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