Amber Liu Fans Slam Netizens For Cyberbullying And Harassment

Fans are responding to the backlash Amber’s recent post has received.

Amber Liu has had enough of malicious hate comments, and so have her fans.

In a tweet captioned, “F*ck off“, Amber fired back at those who are assailing her with hate and criticism for a past controversy, as well as her current involvement in the Black Lives Matters movement. She also dispelled a pregnancy rumor that originated from a fabricated news article.

In addition to sending Amber supportive messages, fans are slamming haters for their cruel comments and hypocrisy.

They are also reminding commenters that cyberbullying can, and has had, tragic consequences.

Many fans are now gathering evidence, hoping that Amber will take legal action against the malicious commenters, specifically those who created the pregnancy article for the purpose of slandering her.

As of now, neither Amber nor her agency have stated whether or not legal action will be taken.

Amber Liu Fires Back At Haters Who Continue To Attack Her About The #BlackLivesMatter Movement

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