Krystal Compares Singing Vs. Acting And Raises Possibility Of Pursuing Music Again

Krystal is talented in both aspects, but she still prefers one over the other.

In light of the upcoming release of More Than Family, f(x)‘s Krystal spoke in an interview where she opened up about her thoughts on singing versus acting as well as the possibility of pursuing music again.

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When asked about the difference between her acting career and singing career, Krystal didn’t hold back to give her honest thoughts.

Since I was in a group during my singing days, it feels like you’re in it together. During those days, we covered for each other’s weaknesses, allowing us to show perfection as a team. But when I’m acting, I’m all alone, so it’s hard covering what I say and the facial expressions I use, and the body gestures I show all at the same time.

— Krystal

Despite the difficulties that come with acting, Krystal revealed why she prefers it in the end.

But I feel like acting is more me. And it’s more natural, too.

— Krystal

In particular, Krystal expressed her thoughts on the possibility of getting back into the music industry.

I think I’m always open to it. I didn’t act all of a sudden when I didn’t want to, and it wasn’t like I tried to do it and couldn’t either. My past as a singer is a part of me, so I always think I can get back into it.

— Krystal

She even shared her love for the singing version of herself as well as the fans who like her for it.

Since there are fans who like me as Krystal the singer, I try not to abandon it. I like that Krystal, too.

— Krystal

Krystal may be an actress now, but perhaps she’ll make a return one day as a singer!

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Fingers crossed!

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