f(x) Luna Worries Fans With a Devastating Confession on Instagram

Luna vented about her hardships on Instagram.

f(x)‘s Luna recently shared an extensive post confessing her hardships on Instagram, and it has fans worried.


In the middle of the night, Luna revealed just how hard it’s been for her lately.

I’m in a really bad mood today…

Why do I feel hurt and have such a hard time…?

– Luna


She continued to elaborate as she addressed the two-faced people in her life.

People who use me, people who are two-faced.

Don’t talk about me behind my back and just say it to my face. What’s so hard about that…?

– Luna

Luna then went on to confess that she’s becoming exhausted.

I’m getting sick and tired of getting hurt by other people.

I want to hurry up and release my own album.

I want to let you hear my precious self-composed songs.

– Luna

But that’s not all. Luna also shared a tribute to her fellow member, late Sulli.

The friend and little sister that I miss.

– Luna

Fans are concerned because Luna confessed to having a difficult time after losing Sulli as well as another close friend soon afterward late last year.

As such, many are sending her comments of support such as “Luna, don’t give up!“, “Cheer up!“, and “I look forward to your comeback!

Source: Dispatch