f(x)’s Victoria And Amber Arrive In Korea Dressed All In Black

They returned to Korea for Sulli.

f(x)‘s Amber was spotted at the airport today as she arrived back in Korea after cancelling her schedules abroad. She decided to put everything on hold after news of her former bandmate Sulli‘s passing.


Amber, who is usually seen with a bright smile on her face, looked solemn as she kept her head down in front of fans and press.


She was dressed head to toe in black as a sign of mourning for her dear friend.


Victoria was also spotted leaving China earlier that day.


Just a couple of hours after Amber’s arrival, Victoria was spotted arriving at the Incheon airport.


She too was dressed in all black as a sign of respect and mourning for Sulli.


Victoria covered her face with sunglasses and a mask as she also kept her head down on her way out from the airport.


Victoria and Amber had known Sulli since they were trainees under SM Entertainment. After years of training, they debuted as f(x) and had become a legendary girl group.


Prayers go out to Victoria, Amber, and Sulli.


See videos of their arrival below:

Source: Newsen

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