f(x) Victoria’s Fan Spent A Decade Undercover As A Hater On An Anti-Victoria Forum…And Deleted 15,000+ Hate Posts

Now, THIS is dedication.

A fan of f(x)‘s Victoria proved that with dedication, anything is possible — even if it takes 10 years.

| @victoria02_02/Instagram

Allegedly, the fan decided to become a member of “Anti Victoria Bar,” a community for Victoria’s haters to gather and post hate content.

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Going undercover as a Victoria anti-fan, they frequented the forum and actively posted for the next 10 years.

| @victoria02_02/Instagram

In doing so, they were able to achieve “moderator” status and all of the privileges that come with it.

| @victoria02_02/Instagram

With these newfound powers as a moderator, the fan began mass deleting hate posts about Victoria.

| @victoria02_02/Instagram

In the period of a week, 15,000+ posts were deleted in total.

That’s some serious fan love!