Netizens Think f(x)’s Victoria Looks Like A Famous Korean Actress In Recent Pictures

She’s almost unrecognizable.

f(x)’s Victoria was known for her bubbly and lovable image during her active days as a K-Pop idol. She received recognition and popularity for her bright smile and aegyo.

Victoria during her active period in f(x). | SM Entertainment

Later on, she moved back to China and began activities in her homeland as an actress. Rebranding as Song Qian, Victoria carved a name for herself. Recently, she shot a pictorial for ELLE as an ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

The photos were absolutely stunning. She seems to have made a successful transformation from her younger days.

Victoria also seemed to have lost a significant amount of weight.

It definitely gave her a more mature and sultry look.

In a series of close-up shots, she even reminded many of a famous Korean actress.

With smokey makeup and sharp cheekbones, she was a dead ringer for Penthouse star Kim So Yeon.

Here’s how Kim So Yeon looked like in Penthouse.

The likeness is uncanny!

Netizens couldn’t help but feel that her image did a total 180.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • This is Cheon Seo Jin (Penthouse character).
  • I think if you didn’t tell me that this was Victoria, I wouldn’t have known. She really lost a lot of weight.
  • She became f*cking handsome after losing all her cheek fats… She suddenly has an aura.
  • Wow, her aura.
  • Kim So Yeon vibes…
  • She looks like Kim So Yeon.
  • She really looks like Kim So Yeon… F*cking pretty.
  • Wow, she FR looks like Kim So Yeon.
  • Wow, she’s unrecognizable. Her image totally changed up.

While she has indeed changed a lot, it is inevitable as she grows more mature with time.


Source: Theqoo