[★TRENDING] G-Dragon shares his fear about military enlistment

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon puts the speculations to rest as he responds to the question regarding his military enlistment. 

On June 18th, G-Dragon sat down in an one-to-one live interview with respected news anchor Son Suk Hee for jTBC’s News Room. The interview was set up as part of his promotions for his exhibit with the Seoul Museum of Art where it was flooded with praise and controversy.

However, during the course of the interview, G-Dragon was asked about his military enlistment and earnestly replied, “I go when I go.” Despite the tensed atmosphere, Son Suk Hee also shared an advice towards the singer saying, “I’ll ask one thing. I hope you don’t lose your talent even after you finish the military.” 

G-Dragon roused interest with his honesty as he revealed that, “That’s my biggest worry. I won’t lose.” 

In related news, the interview also caught the attention of the netizens for his bold statement towards EXO and SHINee.

Source: Newsen

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