G-Dragon taking legal actions against his hackers and malicious commenters

G-Dragon‘s privacy has been heavily intruded on the past several weeks following leaked news of his relationship. And now he’s taking action.

Just recently, G-Dragon’s personal Instagram account, which he keeps separate from his public account (@xxxibgdrgn), was hacked into. The hacker changed the settings from ‘private’ to ‘public,’ revealing the content of the Instagram to the world as well as the BIGBANG member’s relationship with Japanese model Nana Komatsu.

On September 21st, YG Entertainment released a statement revealing G-Dragon’s plans of taking legal action against not only the hacker but netizens who have left malicious comments.

The agency says, “G-Dragon has been using his private Instagram account in order to share the daily lives of himself and some close friends around him. It is an illegal act to hack and share private accounts of his Instagram users. The person responsible for the hacking has broken the law by changing the settings on his Instagram account from ‘private’ to ‘public.’ Due to this, the account which only was accessed by 150 people was widely shared to the public. Some photos were also altered by Photoshop before being shared widely through the web.”

In addition to taking legal action against the hacker, YG Entertainment further reveals they will also take action against those responsible for spreading malicious rumors with the intention of defaming their artist. According to the agency, they hope their serious response to malicious comments will prevent any similar incidents from happening in the future.

Source: OSEN