G-Friend hits the jackpot with “Me Gustas Tu” viral fan cam luck?

In light of the response gathered by G-Friend during their infamous slippery stage live performance, the group is now dubbed to be the next internet fan cam sensation. 

Recently, the music industry has seen the surge of “fan cam luck” after a specific fan taken video goes viral, leading to the success of the certain group to the charts. The current trend coincides with previous viral hits such as PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” who catapulted to worldwide interest after receiving significant attention for their style and choreography.

The next group to follow this trend is EXID as they managed to reenter the music charts and extend their promotions after a fan taken video of their “Up&Down” performance received much interest online, thereby, becoming viral.

G-Friend, however, has a different case. As they showcase a live performance with wet stage conditions, therefore, leading to the numerous falls all throughout their choreography. It was believed to be the members’ persistence to continue their performance that captured interest not only locally, but also by the foreign media. 

Since the performance, the group is said to have been receving love calls to extend their promotions for “Me Gustas Tu,” as well as having their title track reenter local music rankings once more.

With fan cams being the next trend to become viral, which group do you think will accidentally catapult to fame next time?

Source: OSEN