“What About The Men?” — Netizens Wonder If SEVENTEEN Are The Right Choice To Model For Gardasil HPV Vaccine

SEVENTEEN photocards will be given as freebies to people who get their shot.

SEVENTEEN was recently announced as the models for Gardasil HPV vaccine. The vaccine is recommended to both women and men in their 20s to prevent against HPV in women.

SEVENTEEN for Gardasil. | theqoo

Given the target age group for the vaccine, it was a no-brained that SEVENTEEN was chosen for the job.

It was later announced that every person who goes to get the shot will be provided with a photocard. The photocard will be of a random member. As only one person can only get one card directly from their vaccine provider, fans were slightly disgruntled at the random choice of cards. After all, the vaccine costs around ₩300,000 KRW (about $226 USD) per shot, and two to three shots are recommended.

Some predicted that instead of a proper photocard, it would be in the form of a vaccine shot record. Previously, when Yeo Jin Goo was the model, patients were given a photocard with their shot records on the back.

Yeo Jin Goo’s photocard. | theqoo

On the other hand, it isn’t only recommended for women to get the vaccine. Although women are the ones susceptible to the virus, it is encouraged that men get it too, to protect their loved ones. As such netizens wondered how SEVENTEEN photocards would convince men to get the shot.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I already agreed to get the shot in September with my fangirl friend. LOL.
  • Do you think that men will pay ₩600,000 KRW (about $453 USD) to get the shot even if you give them photocards of Faker? LOL. I doubt it, FR.
  • How about having Faker directly give a rose to the guys if they get a shot?
  • Do you get one card every time you get a shot?
  • There are already many women who got their shots in consideration of their health, while men need to bet theirs done, so I wonder who as a model would be able to convince them.
  • It’s urgent for men to get their shots and it is effective, but the reality is that even if you give them the money to go, they still may or may not. I guess they’re doing this so at least the people related to the fans will get it.
  • Even if you give Faker photocards to the men, they wouldn’t get it done.
  • I wonder where news about the photocard came up cuz it’s not in the poster or OP’s post. I want to know the accurate information for me to go get my shot.
  • They should choose a model to appeal to men. Women would get their shots even without photocards.

Many women get the shot for the sake of their own health. On the other hand, it is harder to convince men to get the shot as it does not directly affect them. While netizens aren’t questioning SEVENTEEN’s popularity or status, they do wonder if they were the right choice given the urgency for more men to get their shots.

Source: Theqoo