For The First Time Ever, A Gay Couple Is Featured In “DAZED KOREA”

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As time passes, more and more boundaries are broken by individuals setting new standards in media. Recently, IVE‘s Yujin set a new standard by becoming the first woman to grace the cover of Esquire Korea.


Now, a gay couple is breaking big boundaries by being the first to be featured in one of Korea’s most popular magazines.

The couple  appeared in His Man 2, also known as His Love or Man’s Romance, the second season of Korea’s first LGBTQIA+ dating show. After a season of ups and downs, two couples emerged: Min Sung and Hyun Jin and Jun Seong and Seong Ho.

Hyun Jin and Min Sung
Jun Seong and Seong Ho

Fans especially loved seeing Jun Seong and Seon Ho’s relationship progress and, following the season’s completion, were excited to see the two begin sharing vlog content.

Now, the couple are some of the latest stars to be featured in DAZED KOREA and the first gay couple to do so! The two will appear in a pictorial in the September edition and on the magazine’s website.

JunSeong and Seongho, so-called “JunSeongHo”, are at the center of His Man 2, which is causing a hot sensation not only in Korea but also abroad. The first fashion pictorial and interview of those who became the real couple that everyone wanted after the show.

— DAZED KOREA on Instagram

Each man shines in his solo shots, something not surprising when even the show’s first season caught attention for how handsome each cast member is.


The photos give a look into their relationship and honestly are too cute! Many see their feature as a step in the right direction and are excited about what the future holds for the couple.


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