“Earned $66,000 USD In 8 Hours” — The LGBTQ Social Media Star Who Turned His Life Around After One Variety Show

He turned his life around.

Jung Hyun, a social media influencer, blew up after his appearance on the LGBTQ Korean dating reality show, His Love (also known as Man’s Romance). He gained attention for his handsome looks and calming personality.

| @konanhihi/Instagram

After the show, Jung Hyun gained a strong following from a surprising nation — China. He gained many fans from the mainland, who tuned in to his live streams.

It was reported that after 8 hours of streaming, he gained ₩85.0 million KRW (about $66,800 USD) in online donations alone. Fans also bought him cameras and lens, as well as other streaming devices, totalling up to ₩20.0 million KRW (about $15,700 USD) just so he could begin live streaming formally.

Chinese fans uploading receipts of their purchase of camera items for him. | IMGTAG

He also became the first non-celebrity to release a photo book that topped the sales charts. To commemorate the photo book, Jung Hyun also held a fan signing for a hundred fans.

Jung Hyun’s photo book.

Fans also did the usual bus stop and subway station advertisements for his birthday.

They sent him gifts including luxury items from Gucci, Dior, Bulgari, and more.

It was said that he recently moved into a new luxury apartment. Jung Hyun has allegedly moved into Trimage, a high rise located in the affluent Seongsu district. Trimage was famous for being home to another social media star, Freezia (Song Ji Ah) before she moved out in 2022.

With a single variety show, Jung Hyun totally turned his life around! At the young age of 21 years old, he has already gotten a taste of success and riches.

Source: Imgtag