K-Netizens Criticize The Police For Making False Claims Against G-Dragon In Drug Abuse Allegations Case

The police made a huge mistake.

In a shocking revelation, G-Dragon’s lawyer has reported that the police had made a mistake, resulting in misreports being plastered in the Korean media. The police had mistakenly claimed that G-Dragon attempted to destroy evidence of drug use after allegations broke out. In fact, G-Dragon had not bleached or dyed his hair for a year and five months, contrary to previous reports that he had dyed his hair in order to pass drug tests.

The Police have severely defamed G-Dragon’s character by making it seem like he had destroyed evidence to hide a crime. And the media, despite this, never fact-checked with us before writing their reports. To this, I express deep regrets.

Police’s allegations claiming G-Dragon had removed his body hair to hide evidence is clearly misinformation, and currently, the news outlets who first reported this have already edited their article. In the future, we will respond to speculative reports such as this with the full might of the law.

— G-Dragon’s Lawyer

G-Dragon outside the police station. | The Star

G-Dragon had also voluntarily went for drug tests and investigations with the police. He had participated diligently in all the relevant tests, going so far as to offer his leg hair for test. His actions come with a confidence that he is indeed innocent.

Netizens are pouring out criticism for both the police, and the media who followed the police’s claims.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Seem like he’s living healthily. Stop the forced hate.
  • He really needs to sue everyone. Everyone was so crazy.
  • People should’ve waited until the results came out… Why did they already jump on him…
  • He really needs to sue everyone. What were they all doing? I felt this too during “Heartbreaker,” but it seems like everyone just wants to force some hate on him. They’re going crazy to corner him. Ugh, goosebumps.
  • What’s the reason for the stretch when he said he will give all the testing materials needed? I hate the conspiracy theory, but I’m really starting to suspect all sorts of things…
  • They could’ve just spoken up when the results were out, but why were the media getting all excited? Both the police and the media were too hasty, so much so that people are wondering if they can believe him even when the results are out. Why are they lowering their own reliability?
  • I’m so sick of this.
  • I thought that at first, the police was the one who let things slip by mistake, then the press got excited. Seeing it now, the police was the perpetrator.
G-Dragon outside the police station. | The Star

You can read more about G-Dragon’s statement below.

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Source: Theqoo