(★TRENDING) G-Dragon Forced Out Of Hospital While Receiving Rehabilitation For Ankle Surgery

G-Dragon was forced out of the hospital.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has reportedly been forced out of the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital while he was still receiving treatment for his injuries.

(★TRENDING) G-Dragon Allegedly Receiving Special Treatment While Hospitalized For His Ankle

His recent hospitalization has been in the spotlight for alleged special treatment.


According to an exclusive report from Osen, G-Dragon was forced out of the hospital and moved back to the Cheolwon Division Medical Center, without consent of his guardians or himself.

Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital told Osen to contact the Ministry of Defense for more information, however attempts to get in contact with the Ministry by phone or fax have been futile.


YG Entertainment is currently in the process of trying to understand what happened.

“We are in contact with his family to confirm the news about G-Dragon being forced to leave the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital. Currently G-Dragon is a soldier, so we don’t know specific details.” — YG Entertainment


G-Dragon’s hospitalization has become a major talking point for Koreans recently, as some believe he is getting preferential treatment while others think he is trying to maintain some privacy for himself, as some people are taking it way too far with him.

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