(★TRENDING) G-Dragon Allegedly Receiving Special Treatment While Hospitalized For His Ankle

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has been accused of receiving special treatments for being a top celebrity.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon had visited the hospital more than four times since he began his military enlistment. He received his batch placement on April 5 and has spent about 20 days at the hospital ever since. He was granted 10-day sick leaves two times.

G-Dragon is currently hospitalized at the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital for his ankle injury. His latest hospitalization started on the 19th, where he asked for a 10-day sick leave. He’s set to discharge from the hospital on the 28th.

Photo of G-Dragon in the army before his hospitalization.

The problem arose when G-Dragon was reportedly hospitalized in a large, luxury room that is not accessible for anyone under the Colonel rank. G-Dragon is ranked as a Private First Class, one of the lowest ranks in the army.

According to Dispatch, G-Dragon is receiving special treatment for being a top celebrity. Privates are supposed to use rooms that hold up to eight people, but instead, G-Dragon was able to stay at one of the best rooms in the hospital. His room contains air conditioning, refrigerator, and television for a comfortable stay. The rooms designated for Privates do not have these luxuries – not even bathrooms.

Dispatch checked to see if G-Dragon was placed in a special room because of overcrowding, but noted that many of the rooms were empty.

Photo of Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital.

Not only is G-Dragon receiving special treatment for his rooms, he’s also allowed to have visitors outside of designated hours. Visitors are only allowed from 11am to 5pm, however, a fellow soldier claimed G-Dragon had visitors who stayed much later.

“I saw someone that seemed to be his manager stay past 5pm.”

— Soldier

The hospital was contacted to respond about G-Dragon’s alleged special treatment, but denied to make a statement at this time.

“We can only answer press questions once the questions have been submitted 3 days prior and the board discusses it.”

— Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital

YG Entertainment has also been reached for a statement, but remains silent about the issue.

Source: Dispatch and Star Today