G-Dragon’s First Instagram Post Since Enlistment Holds Many Deep Meanings

He uploaded multiple photos with hidden meanings.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon updated his Instagram for the first time since nearly a year ago, and he’s posted a series of images that appear to hold secret meanings.


He captioned the images with the date and a greeting to his fans.

“2019.02.11 👋Everyone ‘hello’. #Nietzsche’sWords”

— G-Dragon


He uploaded photos of excerpts from Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’s works. Nietzesche was a German philosopher, cultural critic, composer, and poet from the 1900’s.

“How Will You Live

Something is happening there. Will you spectate from a distance, personally set out to solve it, or pretend to have not seen it entirely and avoid it. How have you acted until now. How will you act from now on. And how are you acting right now.”

— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’s Quote in the Photo


It appeared that G-Dragon was going through many philosophical revelations about the past, present, and future of his life and the nation.

“Bet On Your Ideals, Not The Country’s

The nation will put its survival as its first priority and The key to national interest is what maintains the country. And with the justification of achieving the ultimate goal, it has the tendency to sanctify disgusting and inhumane behaviors. However, it is unfounded that the national goal is to maintain the country. That’s because only those who are blinded to their own interests gather in the power system of the state. Therefore, you do not have to throw away your ideals or change your values for the sake of the country. Rather, it is more fulfilling to sacrifice the nation in order to achieve your own ideals.”

— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’s Quote in the Photo


He concluded with a screenshot of his phone on the date at 8:18, a shoutout to his birthday August 18th.


This was the first Instagram post since his last promotions for album, titled “UNTITLED”.


Although no one is certain what exactly G-Dragon was conveying through his posts, fans were beyond delighted to see him back on social media!


G-Dragon is set to finish his military duties and be discharged near the end of this year.