G-Dragon Cannot Be Promoted In The Military Due To Too Many Missed Days

He spent approximately 40 days on sick leave alone.

G-Dragon enlisted in the military on April 5, 2018, and is now in his 11th month serving in the army. However, he still holds the title of “private first class”.


According to the Korean military regulations, soldiers earn titles in accordance with the period of their service: 3 months (private) – 7 months (private first class) – 7 months (corporal) – 3 months (sergeant). As a result, soldiers who enlisted at the same time as G-Dragon have been promoted to “corporal” status while G-Dragon still remains a “private first class”.


According to a military affiliate, G-Dragon was most likely omitted from the promotion because he was unable to pass the promotion evaluation.

Those who are omitted from promotions are those who have received a total score of less than 70% on the promotion evaluation, an unsatisfactory military life score and/or an unsatisfactory evaluation from the judging committee.


It is assumed G-Dragon’s omission from the promotion was a result of his frequent leave.

As of February 26, G-Dragon has been in service for a total of 364 days but he spent approximately 100 of those days outside of his unit, meaning he spent 1/3 of his military service outside of his unit (including the military hospital).

Photo taken in October 2018 at a pension run by his parents. (Source: SNS)


G-Dragon used over 50 days on annual leave and sick leave, the maximum number of days that can be spent in a year. He also spent approximately 40 days in the military hospital receiving treatment.


Meanwhile, the “White Skull Division” was unable to reveal any further details.

It is true that (G-Dragon) is currently a private first class. However, we cannot answer questions about his personal information.

ㅡ White Skull Division

Source: Dispatch