G-Dragon Reveals Exactly What His Self-Composed Songs From Years Ago Mean To Him Now In His 30s

He wouldn’t be who he is now without them.

G-Dragon revealed his inner thoughts about the many, many songs he wrote back in his twenties. From debut to now, he has written countless hits – in 2012 even, he was named Top Songwriter by Melon Music. As of 2018, he had 172 songs listed under his name.

In fact, most of BIGBANG‘s hit songs including “Lies”, “Day by Day”, “Loser” and “BAE BAE” were all written by him. In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, the successful singer shared what all these songs meant to him now that he has hit his 30s.

G-Dragon revealed that he sees all the songs he wrote in his 20s as his diary of sorts. He wrote the songs based on personal experiences. If he had not written them down as songs, he would not remember those incidents today. This is as he was so busy back then that he couldn’t properly remember how he lived each day.

As time passed, G-Dragon would listen to these songs and reminisce how it was back then. He revealed that he also would use it to reflect how his mindset had changed now.

G-Dragon remains one of the most legendary idols to ever exist in K-Pop. The legacy he left behind can be looked back upon through his lengthy discography and time as a celebrity since his debut in 2006.

Source: Star Today