G-Dragon’s Stories Of Seungri’s Now Infamous Gatsby Party Are Chilling In Hindsight

Seungri reveled in the attention.

On an episode of Radio Star two years ago, G-Dragon discussed the now-infamous “Gatsby” Christmas party that Seungri threw in 2015. G-Dragon was in attendance and he gave his observations on Radio Star.

This specific event has now been confirmed to have been the event where Seungri allegedly solicited prostitutes for his Japanese investors. G-Dragon’s take on Seungri’s behaviour at the event is now chilling to read considering what was really happening.

After the MC brought up the party, Seungri was quick to clarify why he threw a party.

I threw a party because I had visitors from Japan. I offered to show them around Korea. I threw a party to receive visitors from foreign countries. I rented a place that was very popular at the time, a three-story club.

— Seungri

G-Dragon then brought up another reason why Seungri threw the party, his obsession with the 2013 movie The Great Gatsby.

He was obsessed with something at the time, he watched The Great Gatsby. While other people enjoy the party, Gatsby is absent. He watches from a higher place. I didn’t really get to see Seungri so I wondered where he was. He watched from the top of the stairs in a suit.

— G-Dragon

He talked about how scantily-clad the women at the event were:

Even the entrance was very fancy. The women wore [very low cut dresses] and the men wore tuxedos. Not even a film festival would do that.

— G-Dragon

He also talked about how much Seungri reveled in the attention he was getting:

This was his expression, [makes a haughty face], He watches from above and when the women came down the stairs to do a pose, he began to descend the stairs, and everyone clapped.

— G-Dragon

Seungri’s life is becoming more and more like a mirror of The Great Gatsby where the titular character eventually falls from his pedestal.