GFRIEND Just Attended An Event In Jakarta… And It Was A Disaster

The event was a disaster.

GFRIEND was just in Jakarta, Indonesia for a fan event in collaboration with the make up brand Celebon, but what was supposed to be a fun event for GFRIEND and their fans ended up being a total disaster.

The event was held atΒ Lotte Shopping Avenue in Jakarta, and is the equivalent of a Lotte Mall in Korea. Lucky fans would be able to participate in a fansign with the group or be able to take a group picture with them.

Prior to the event, local K-Pop cover dance groups came out to perform on stage to hype up the crowd. However, some Buddies are angry that the dance groups performed songs not from GFRIEND, the group the event was held for. There were even fans who purposefully cheered for other girl groups.

Before the event was scheduled to start, the organizers came out to threaten that the event would be cancelled if the audience would not behave.

The mall itself was extremely packed. Thousands of fans showed up to see GFRIEND in person, leading to a lot of poor behavior, suich as pushing and shoving. There were chairs available for those who arrived early enough, but many seats were stolen by other fans who wanted a better view or to sit.

Due to the massive crowds, some people ended up getting hurt or even ended up fainting from the sheer volume of people. Sowon looked shocked as she witnessed one of the audience members attending faint, and both Umji and Yuju also looked in the same direction.

Sowon later took the time to make sure a fan who fainted was okay. (It is unknown whether this is the same fan from the above video).

Sowon also looked extremely uncomfortable with the sheer number of people crowding her as she was being escorted by security, and appeared to have nearly tripped.

The event organizers also played the wrong music, loading “Me Gustas Tu” while the girls were prepared to start the choreography for “Time for the moon night”, leading to confusion from both the audience and the girls.

At some point during the middle of the event, the organizers told GFRIEND to get off the stage and addressed the crowd, once again threatening to cancel the remainder of the event. This was once again due to safety concerns, as many fans were shoving to try and get as close to the stage as possible, which could possible cause injury to the people in front.

Due to these safety concerns regarding the crowd, the girls were forced to exit the stage, leading to disappointment on the girls’ faces.

Understandable, fans were furious at how the event played out. From a lack of security to improper planning (open event at a mall on a weekend), many Buddies are wishing that GFRIEND never has to go through something like this again.

Check out some fancams from the event below:


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