GFRIEND Clarifies If They Meet BTS More Often Now That Their Labels Have Joined

They’re one big family!

GFRIEND appeared as guests on Idol Room where they were asked about the latest news of BigHit Entertainment acquiring their agency, Source Music.

Sowon explained that the BigHit staff helps Source Music a lot now that they’ve become one family. The members had previous revealed how Bang Si Hyuk helped them so much with their latest album.

[Source Music] became a label under Big Hit. Since we became a label, the company’s CEO and staff gave us a lot of help.

— Sowon

And the hosts wanted to know… Do they meet BTS more often now that they’re under the same family tree?

The GFRIEND members immediately shook their heads no!

Sowon explained that they “haven’t seen BTS even once” since their labels joined.

When asked if they will see each other at company dinners and events, GFRIEND looked puzzled as they really didn’t know what the future held in store.

But they doubted it as Umji explained, “Our agency doesn’t go out on company dinners often anyways.

So Defconn summarized, “You guys are under one company but on different teams.” And the girls nodded their heads as Eunha explained that they’re basically different departments.

The topic of GFRIEND and BTS seems to be the latest hot topic as many wondered if the two groups will collaborate on a project one day soon. Although nothing is for certain yet, let’s go back in time to remember that one time when GFRIEND and BTS got together for a school uniform campaign!

Will we see something like this in the years to come?