K-Pop Boy Group GHOST9 Is Collaborating With All Of Our Favorite AAPI Content Creators

JRE, JEENIE, David Suh, and more?!

K-Pop group GHOST9 is taking over the U.S.!

If you’re new to GHOST9, let us introduce you… GHOST9 debuted on September 23, 2020, with first mini-album DOOR! They are currently a 7-member boy group consisting of leader Junhyung, Shin, Kangsung, Junseong, Prince, Woojin, and maknae Jinwoo. Members Dongjun and Taeseung left the group in September 2021. The group is under Maroo Entertainment, and we first met the members through Mix Nine and Produce X 101.

GHOST9 | Maroo Entertainment 

The group is currently on a “MEET&LIVE TOUR” in the United States. And, we couldn’t be more excited.

The exclusively K-Pop content channel hello82 has been sharing updates from GHOST9’s tour. We’ve seen them go to iconic locations in the States…

And, we’ve even been given a POV from meeting the members in a fanmeeting. So, if you’ve been unable to go, now you can feel part of it too!

GHOST9 is not only meeting their American fans… They’re meeting with AAPI influencers and collaborating with some of our favorite content creators.

You may recognize JRE. He’s known for his iconic (and legendary) K-Pop reaction videos on YouTube and hilarious content.

During their meeting, they also collaborated. They recently released a comedic TikTok video in which JRE “auditioned” to be part of the group.

He’s not the only one doing collabs with GHOST9. The group also met up with Korean professional photographer and TikToker David Suh.

He did a series of videos featuring GHOST9, which you can find on his various social media pages…

Like JRE’s, the content is entertaining and funny. It perfectly showcases the members’ charming personalities.

GHOST9 has been super busy because the legendary collabs don’t end there. They met the lovely (and hilarious) Korean Canadian content creator JEENIE (@jeenie.weenie on social media). You may recognize her from her series of TikTok videos about being a flight attendant.

So, of course, she included GHOST9 in this hit series! Some of her iconic characters got to meet the group.

She also shared the collab to end all collabs. Her most recent video featuring GHOST9 also included Ian (@ianboggz), actress Shuang Hu (@theoneshu), host JAZZY (@jazzycho), and Steven Ho (@steveioe).

And while it may look like they could have edited the above video without all meeting… They actually all really did meet up!

Being all content creators of some kind, they also filmed their own individual videos with the group. Shuang Hu’s video is so cute too!

JAZZY recently did an interview so that people could get to know the group better. You can check it out below:

Source: Kpop Profiles

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