(G)I-DLE Fans Rush To Twitter To Support Soojin After Harsh Comments During Livestream

Neverlands really showed their love for the idol

During a recent livestream, (G)I-DLE member Soojin was met with harsh comments that left her looking shaken and sad, and understandably so.

Without any provocation, people starting leaving cruel comments, such as “There’s something on your face… Ugliness,” on the stream. Of course, idols aren’t immune to cruel comments, just like anyone else, and despite the love she received from other viewers, the words clearly upset her.

In order to show support for Soojin after the incident, Neverlands took to Twitter with the hashtag #WeLoveSOOJIN to share compliments and beautiful pictures of the idol to prove just how wrong the hater was.

Soojin has such wonderful fans to show her so much love!