(G)I-DLE Hilariously Exposes Yuqi And Her “Guitar Skills”

“It’s a fashion guitar!!”

(G)I-DLE hilariously called Yuqi out for her “guitar skills”, even calling it a “fashion guitar”!

On the latest episode of Weekly Idol, (G)I-DLE appeared as guests, where they gave thirsty Neverlands quality variety content, as usual!

For one of the segments of the show, Miyeon was asked to pick a member who is first excited to try something new, but gets tired of it pretty quickly.

Who gets enthusiastic all of a sudden and qutis easily?

After thinking for a bit, she picked Yuqi immediately! As everyone tried to guess why she picked Yuqi and for what, her guitar skills soon came into the conversation!

Soyeon revealed that she think Yuqi is not persistant as a person, and immediately elaborated on why!

You’re not [persistent]. She has a guitar, but she’s only been carrying that for years now. She played the guitar on a show recently. They zoomed in and she was doing this.


Miyeon then hilariously yelled out,

It’s a fashion guitar!!


Yuqi immediatley sprung to defend herself!

It’s just that I didn’t ahve enough time. I had to pretend to be playing. I was learning but didn’t have enough time to master it. I was so nervous about doing as well too. I played only for a few minutes, but I didn’t know they’d zoom in. I had asked them not to do it, though!

I saw some online comments and they asked if I was dusting off the chip dust. They asked if I was tickling the guitar!


You can watch this hilarious moment here, from the 9:30 mark onwards!