“Nxde” Has Become (G)I-DLE’s Most Award-Winning Song To Date

They also broke another fourth-generation group record.

Despite the hardships that (G)I-DLE went through last year with the departure of Soojin and the uncertainty of what their future would look like, the girl group has beat the odds to become one of the most successful fourth-generation artists of the year.

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Their earlier 2022 release, “TOMBOY”, has been one of the biggest releases of the year, absolutely owning the music charts and breaking records for (G)I-DLE. They even earned their first Realtime All-Kill with the song!

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In total, it also won eight music show awards on shows such as Inkigayo and M Countdown, becoming their second most-winning song at the time.

With the release of their more recent song, “Nxde”, 2022 has become that much more of a successful year for (G)I-DLE with everything that they’ve accomplished with the track so far!

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It, too, performed well on music charts, and also started trending on TikTok as a means of combating the sexualization of K-Pop idols in the industry. The album that it serves as the title track for, I Love, is also by far their best-selling to date, selling nearly triple the number of units as their earlier 2022 album, I Never Die. At this time, it has made around 714,000 sales.

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What “Nxde” itself has accomplished, though, is that it’s now (G)I-DLE’s most award-winning song!

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With their latest win on Inkigayo on November 20, “Nxde” has now received 11 music show awards, surpassing their previous most-winning song, the 2021 release “HWAA”, which earned 10 music show awards in total.

With 11 music show wins, the song is tied with several other K-Pop songs to be the 10th most award-winning song in K-Pop history. Other legendary songs at this rank include Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry”, TWICE‘s “Cheer Up”, and iKON‘s “Love Scenario”.

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It’s now also Cube Entertainment‘s most award-winning song (surpassing “Good Luck” by B2ST), and is the second most award-winning song of 2022, surpassed only by IVE‘s “After LIKE” (which has 14 wins). Finally, (G)I-DLE themselves now have the most music show wins of any fourth-generation K-Pop group, with 47 awards to date!

Congratulations to (G)I-DLE on this impressive accomplishment, and we hope to see only more success for them in the future!