(G)I-DLE Faces Plagiarism Controversy With Their Latest Comeback

Inspiration or plagairism?

(G)I-DLE recently released their concept teaser photos for their 2nd full-length album, [2]. The girls looked gorgeous in white fur hats and furry skirts against a snowy background. They all wore silver-toned accessories and tops.

| CUBE Entertainment

While they looked stunning, many found the photos similar to a set of photos found online. In another prior photoshoot, models were seen wearing fur hats and metallic bras in the snow.

| theqoo

Some of the poses were also seen to be inspired. Yuqi poses with a hand on her hip and the other on her thigh, leaning towards the side.

Yuqi | CUBE Entertainment

The model also does the same, except her hand is to her face.

| theqoo

The original photoshoot was actually from a brand called Aurela Hoxha, who sells the crystal tops.

While many have called out the company for their plagiarism, others point out that such concepts have been around forever.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • They always have such buzz [about plagiarism] about them LOL.
  • Did they have nothing else to copy that they went and plagiarized such rabidness?
  • It’s not like we’re in the era without internet, they literally CTRL+C, CTRL+Ved it. But the quality is worse.
  • The background looks like a cheap CG. Like posters in a pub that’s been around for a long time.
  • They literally copied it. They look cheap because the quality is worse.
  • They cosplayed it with that quality?
  • They should’ve gone to a ski resort at least to take them. The background looks like a cheap CG.
  • Referencing has a limit too, sigh.
  • What’s this? Cosplay?

On the other hand. such themes can easily be found online, from other photoshoots.

Other photoshoots with similar concepts. | theqoo
Other photoshoots with similar concepts. | theqoo

CUBE Entertainment has yet to respond to the matter.

Source: theqoo