(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua And Minnie Get Criticized For Alleged Shade Towards MMA After Not Winning The Daesang

Minnie soon deleted the relevant post.

(G)I-DLE recently attended the 2022 Melon Music Awards and even walked away with the trophy for Best Music Video.

Immediately after the show, Minnie created a buzz when she uploaded a photo with the caption, “Is this for real? Kekeke.” While the term could easily be applied to any situation, such as being in disbelief about the award they received, netizens took issue with the tone and contextual usage. They interpreted the caption as a jab at the MMA for not awarding them the Daesang.

To add fuel to fire, Shuhua was also criticized for the way she talked about the Daesang prior to the show. She had sent messages to fans via their subscription service.

  • “I’m not nervous.”
  • “We have to get the Daesang.”
  • “Kekekeke”
  • “I came to get the Daesang, so why would I be nervous?”
  • “I’m not.”
  • “Kekekeke”

Netizens felt that Shuhua’s attitude was too arrogant, as if she expected the Daesang to be awarded to them. True enough, the results for the Song of The Year showed that IVE’s “LOVE DIVE” and (G)I-DLE’s “TOMBOY” were neck and neck. Although “TOMBOY” was ahead in terms of digital streams by 0.32 points, “LOVE DIVE” received a far more significant amount of votes. After the judging points were awarded, “LOVE DIVE” won by 3.7 points.

Netizens called them out for their attitude regarding not winning the award. As an idol, emphasis is placed on remaining humble and polite.

| Nate Pann
| Nate Pann
  • “Idk about the rest but if other idols did this, they would be mocked about it for life. If it were Miyeon or Soyeon even, they would be criticized so much.”
  • “Maybe she meant to upload it on her private account but uploaded it by mistake. F*ck communicating with fans she’s just someone who goes around showing off her connections LOL She also created her Instagram account by herself in April.”
  • “Stay still… The fans and public are already debating by themselves about why they weren’t given the Daesang so there’s no need for her to…”
  • “Did [they] leave [an award] with [MMA] to be picked up later…?”

Minnie has since deleted the story from her Instagram.

Source: Nate Pann


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