(G)I-DLE Yuqi’s Ideal Type Is Someone Who Prioritizes Work Over Love, And None Of The Other Members Can Relate

Would you choose love or work?

In Street Alcohol Fighter, hosted by Super Junior‘s Heechul, (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon had to rank the members in order of who she thought would get married first. Heechul instantly responded, saying how the first one should be him, but since Soyeon was the one answering, there was no guarantee he’d be chosen.

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Indeed, Heechul’s hopes were dashed, and to everyone’s surprise, Soyeon chose Yuqi as the person she thought would get married first.

Her reasoning was simple: the person who doesn’t look like they would get married tends to be the person who ends up getting married first.

Heechul then followed up and asked Yuqi what her ideal type was, and Yuqi’s response revealed what she valued most in life.

I wish we can share same goal. I am very motivated and I want to be better at things. I hope my ideal guy is same.

— Yuqi

For Yuqi, work matters a lot to her, especially since she’s in a field she loves. So unlike what most people would think, she’s the kind of person who, if her lover were asked to choose between work and love, would prefer her significant other to choose work because she would choose the same.

Soyeon, however, couldn’t comprehend Yuqi’s mindset at all; as someone whose ideal type is someone who cherishes her over all things, Yuqi is the complete opposite of her when it comes to love.

Minnie and Miyeon couldn’t relate to Yuqi’s choice either, but despite their arguments, Yuqi stood steadfast by her answer.

Soyeon:  ‘Is it your work, or me?’ and then if he answers ‘Work,’ how do you feel if your boyfriend says like that?

Minnie: To be honest, I just don’t even like the question.

Miyeon: Why can’t he just say ‘You!’? Does he really have to say ‘work’?

Yuqi: [But that’s just a lip service] That’s just to flatter you.

Soyeon: There’s is no romance! Do you just want to die working?

Thankfully, Shuhua ended the debate by telling everyone that they should just live in the moment. When this question arises in their romantic relationships, their stances could change when the time comes. Besides, Yuqi’s future relationship won’t be Soyeon’s, so there wouldn’t be any problems between work and love in the first place.

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