(G)I-DLE Yuqi Almost Debuted In A Whole Different Company

Here’s why she picked her current company.

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi is an essential part of her group. With her cute visuals, low rap voice, and dance skills, she’s undoubtedly an all-rounder. But the star could have debuted under a different group!

On a recent episode of Video Star, Yuqi revealed that her K-Pop journey started when she became part of a dance group in middle school. She fell in love with K-Pop and began going for auditions.

Yuqi in her dance group. | Video Star MBC

She auditioned for SM Entertainment’s Beijing auditions four times. After the fourth try, she heard that CUBE Entertainment was also hosting auditions in China. Yuqi decided to try out for fun. Originally, she had her heart set on getting into SM Entertainment because she was a huge fan of Super Junior. Ultimately, Yuqi made the cut for both companies.

Yuqi was called up by both CUBE Entertainment and SM Entertainment at the same time. She decided on the former after the director at that time promised her a debut by the next year. She also felt that while her cute and pretty visuals suited SM Entertainment, her husky voice went better with CUBE Entertainment!

Many netizens praised her wise decision. After all, while thousands become trainees, only a handful make it to debut.

| theqoo
  • When I see stuff like this, I realized that you have to be lucky to succeed. There are many cases where nomatter how pretty you are, or how skilled you are, if you don’t suit the debut period, you will be cut.
  • But she’s so wise. If it was me, I would’ve chosen the bigger company so of course I’d have gone to SM. For her to chose CUBE when being asked between the two, she must be gutsier than most.
  • It’s so funny how she talked about SM’s vocals.
  • Yuqi’s vocals are my most-loved…
  • When she debuted with “LATATA,” the response to her cute visuals and husky voice was so good. I think she made a good choice.

Seeing how Yuqi was annouced as an official trainee in 2017 and made her debut in 2018 with (G)I-DLE, she made a wise choice.

Source: theqoo


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