The “Girl Group Diet”: LE SSERAFIM Yunjin’s Go-To Meal When Ordering Delivery Food Is More Complicated Than We Thought

“Can you imagine how hard it must be for our manager?!”

Yunjin from the “fearless” girl group LE SSERAFIM shared her go-to menu when ordering food, and it’s pretty complicated.

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On an episode of fellow LE SSERAFIM member Sakura‘s show Fearless Sakura, Sakura and Yunjin took on the challenge of cooking a dish from a video game called “honey carrot grill” without a recipe.

Sakura, Yunjin, and a chef to guide them (left to right) | Fearless Sakura/YouTube

Sakura, not a fan of vegetables, asked: “Do we have to add the carrots?” Yunjin responded with a straightforward answer: “Yes, because it’s ‘honey carrot.‘”

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With no other choice, Sakura started chopping the carrots (forgetting to peel them at first), and she kept telling Yunjin to try eating them. After Yunjin gladly did so, Sakura tried too—but she did not enjoy it as much as Yunjin did.

Fearless Sakura/YouTube 

According to Sakura, LE SSERAFIM is split when ordering delivery food; Yunjin and Kazuha prefer to eat Korean food, Eunchae and Sakura prefer to eat salad, and Chaewon goes back and forth.

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Sakura then spilled how complicated Yunjin’s salad order was—to the point where she felt bad for their manager. Yunjin explained herself by saying her order wasn’t always complicated, but she had no choice since her favorite salad was discontinued.

It wasn’t usually like this! Originally I used to always order the ricotta salad at this one restaurant but they discontinued it! Ricotta in general was gone! So I was like, ‘What do I eat now?’ and I was so sad, so I figured something out and found a salad that tastes good… I had no choice…

— Yunjin

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After hesitating a bit, Yunjin finally revealed her complicated salad order.

It’s a sweet pumpkin tofu salad with added vegetables, dark meat chicken, onions, and tomato. But then from there, I ask to take out olives, onion flakes and corn.

— Yunjin

| Fearless Sakura/YouTube 

Sakura responded by joking about how difficult it must be for their manager to put in this complicated order.

She texts this order to our manager. Can you imagine how hard it must be for him?

— Sakura

| Fearless Sakura/YouTube 

Their manager standing nearby smiled and showed that he was loyal to the artists he manages.

| Fearless Sakura/YouTube 

Whether it’s a complicated salad order or a simple one, we hope all LE SSERAFIM members eat what they like and get their nutrients to continue being the powerful girl group they are!

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Watch the full episode of Yunjin and Sakura cooking here.

Source: Fearless Sakura


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