Girl Group NATURE Gains Very Mixed Responses For Their “Bizarre” Hopping Choreography

Catchy, “bizarre”, concerning? Netizens don’t know what to think.

Girl group NATURE recently made their comeback with “Rica Rica” and while their catchy track is making a splash all on its own, it’s the group’s interesting dance moves that have started to gain attention.

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The girl group recently stood on Mnet‘s stage for M! Countdown, where they made a grand comeback in front of their fans. Their red leather outfits and stunning visuals were put on full display for the show’s viewers.

As the catchy beat and the vocals of the song took over, however, there was one particular moment that has been making quite some noise online.

In NATURE’s “Rica Rica” choreography, there is a part in the chorus where the members of the girl group all hop along to the beat. However, because of the rapid pace and the continuous motion, netizens had very mixed opinions about the dance move.

This particular dance went viral online, as hundreds of netizens chimed in with their thoughts on the choreography. While some netizens believed it was catchy, others believed it was “bizarre” and unnecessary. A few even expressed their concerns for the NATURE members’ “ankles and knees” due to the aggressive repetition.

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  • “Please don’t be like thisㅠㅠ”
  • “As soon as I saw this, I thought of the bizarre Japanese choreographies.”
  • “The lyricist is the person who wrote ‘Oh My Goodness’ and ‘Rokuco’ hahahaha they’re good at writing ballads, but they deliberately wrote this dance track with some fun.”
  • “…? They went too far..”
  • “When you watch the gif, it’s weird but if you watch the whole clip it’s not that bad…”
  • “It looks like their ankles and knees are going to get hurt.”
  • “It’s kind of funky and catchy hahahaha”
  • “Why do I feel like this is going to go viral hahahaha”
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Be sure to check out NATURE’s performance of “Rica Rica” down below!

Source: theqoo