Girl’s Day to be featured on reality show “One Fine Day” in preparation for comeback

In preparation for their comeback in July, Dream Tea Entertainment girl group Girl’s Day is set to appear on reality show One Fine Day.

The show, which features idol groups planning their own group adventure abroad, has hosted a variety of popular groups in the past, including SHINee, Super Junior, B1A4, and VIXX. FNC Entertainment‘s AOA, another popular girl group planning a summer comeback, also recorded for the show, and will have their trip aired on June 13th.

The group left for their Okinawa, Japan on June 7th, and released several short videos through social media in anticipation and to get fans excited. Girl’s Day is set to make their comeback on July 6th with a full studio album.

The group recently showcased their individual charms in their music video for “Hello Bubble.” Additionally, member Sojin participated in the hit show King of Masked Singer, surprising everyone with her vocal talents.

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A post shared by YURA (@yura_936) on

Fans were excited for the group’s comeback and appearance on One Fine Day, leaving comments of excitement and anticipation.

1. [+2,065, -278] Sometimes Hyeri looks like a handsome man
– Wow, I thought the same ㅋ She looked handsome to me in ‘Real Men’
– She’s pretty ㅋㅋㅋ
– Hani and Seolhyun are the handsome types too ㅎㅎ.. I think pretty ones like them have handsome features
– Definitely the handsome pretty type

2. [+1,793, -356] Yura’s super pretty

3. [+1,575, -354] Yura’s so fu*king pretty;;

4. [+1,182, -466] They’re quite funny ㅋㅋ I think the reality will be fun, and good for their image too

Source: TV Report