Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reveals A Story From When She Rebelled Against SM Entertainment

She shared this story from Girls’ Generation’s early debut days!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon has been an active idol for 14 years, but before that, she was a trainee at SM Entertainment for 6 years! Being an SM Entertainment veteran, Hyoyeon talked about the time she rebelled against her agency during her younger days!

Hyoyeon recently guested on an episode of JaeJae‘s MMTG, where she celebrated Girls’ Generation’s 14th anniversary with her!

They danced and sang to Girls’ Generation songs, and JaeJae also interviewed Hyoyeon about herself! One of the questions she asked her was,

During your years until the 14th, 15th anniversary, was there a moment then when you thought, ‘I was immature’?


Hyoyeon revealed that she did, indeed, have moments like that, and talked about a memory from their early debut days! Earlier, she spoke about how strict the agency used to be about going out by yourself, and shared how this was a rule she absolutely hated!

Although I was busy, I loved being with friends. I guess I was at a puberty stage, so I wanted to go to places they wouldn’t allow me to. ‘Don’t go abroad’, ‘no personal schedules’…[I said] ‘Why do I have to tell them? It’s my private life, are they stalkers?’


Hyoyeon then said that the way she behaved caused a lot of stress for her managers and members, and they would often keep calling her because they were worried about her.

I started that fire myself, and the managers and the members were frustrated. ‘Where is she?’ ‘Why isn’t she answering her phone?’ I’d go, ‘Why do you keep looking for me? Are you stalkers?’


After all these years, Hyoyeon shared how she’s been reflecting over her immaturity back then, and owned up and apologized to her manager on camera!

I was very immature, so the manager found it hard at first. He may think Hyoyeon doesn’t know what was wrong, but I do, I was wrong.


JaeJae praised her for being able to acknowledge where she was wrong, but in classic Hyoyeon fashion, she hilariously closed her answer with a quip about her manager!

But when he asks for the schedule even now, [I’m again like], ‘Are you a stalker?!’ I get mad a lot. I’m sorry!


Hyoyeon made a comeback with “Second” ft. BIBI.

You can watch her talk about this here!

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