Girls’ Generation Seohyun Reportedly Left Current Label To Form 1-Person Agency

Seohyun left Sublime Artist Agency.

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun reportedly left Sublime Artist Agency after her short term contract with them expired. An inside source claimed that she decided not to renew after a long discussion with the agency. She’s already been completing her schedules on her own without an agency since last month.

The source also claimed that she’s now looking into setting up a 1-person agency with her father and professionals she’s become close with over the years. Her father was reportedly managing her schedules ever since the end of March.

Seohyun had met with a variety of agencies to discuss possible contracts, but none had come to fruition. After working with her father and their close staff, Seohyun is said to be looking to set up her own agency with them.

Ever since leaving SM Entertainment, Seohyun has been promoting as a solo singer and actress. She recently performed with North Korean singers at a special performance in Seoul and was invited to perform in Pyongyang, North Korea, alongside other artists such as Red Velvet and Baek Ji Young.

Source: Osen

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