Everyone wants to go to Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s lavish birthday party

What a way to throw a party!

It’s true. The competition is fierce for a chance to celebrate Seohyun‘s birthday with Seohyun herself!


Seohyun planned a birthday party so she can spend her special day with her fans and the first round of tickets sold out in only 48 seconds.

The second round of tickets is to be held June 26, 2018.


The birthday party will be held in the Paradise City Resort’s Rubik Hall. This facility is known to be extravagant and accommodate up to 340 guests.

The dress code has been announced to “white”. There will be snacks and drinks served for the attendees!


Fans are excited to be a part of this luxurious private party, interacting with the birthday girl Seohyun!

Source: Chosun News

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