Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s Past Interview About “Time” And Her Co-Star Comes Into Spotlight

She was so stressed that she wanted to receive mental treatment.

With the controversy surrounding actor Kim Jung Hyun and his attitude supposedly caused by his alleged then-girlfriend, Seo Ye Ji, Girls’ Generation Seohyun‘s past interview has come back to light. Kim Jung Hyun and Seohyun had starred in the K-Drama Time together. Kim Jung Hyun had eventually dropped out of the drama, citing health problems at that time. Later on, his agency, O& Entertainment belatedly revealed that the true reason was his personal troubles surrounding his romantic relationships.

Given the current situation, past interviews given by his co-star, Seohyun, have been cast into the spotlight. As Seohyun allegedly suffered mentally on the set of Time, due to Kim Jung Hyun’s harsh attitude, many were curious as to how she concluded the drama.

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Seohyun commented previously that she felt a sense of pressure having to conclude the drama on her own. She felt that everything would crumble if she made any mistakes. Time was one of Seohyun’s first few leading roles, despite having some acting experience in supporting characters prior to it. Although Seohyun was highly praised for her acting after Time concluded, she felt stressed during filming after her co-star dropped out.

Although I tried to appear as if nothing had happened and tried not to make it obvious on set, honestly, I was very afraid. I was having it hard both mentally and physically, and as my responsibility increased, all I could think about was that I had to pull this off no matter what. I thought that I couldn’t fall sick. If I weaken, everyone would be shaken up as well, so I had to remain focused in order to hold it together at the core. I wanted to receive mental treatment a few times a day.

— Seohyun

Not only did Seohyun give her thoughts on the mental duress she suffered during the filming, but Seohyun also gave out kind words to her co-star, Kim Jung Hyun and sympathized with his condition. Kim Jung Hyun was reported to have been undergoing depression back then, although his agency has since revised that claim.

Kim Jung Hyun is currently in a dispute with his agency, O& Entertainment. Due to this, the company has stated that they will not be further commenting on Kim Jung Hyun’s controversies.


Source: theqoo