Girls’ Generation Sunny Is Single By Choice — Here’s Why She Chooses Not To Marry

She knows who she is.

On a recent episode of KBS Joy’s Survival, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny spoke up about her firm stance on dating and marriage.

In a balance game requiring the cast to choose between two tricky scenarios, Sunny chose the side that leaned towards independence.

When asked to choose between revealing every single relationship to the public and living her entire life single, she picked the single life.

And when asked to choose between being the only member in Girls’ Generation to marry and being the only member in Girls’ Generation to not marry, she easily picked the single life once again.

Regarding her choices, Sunny added that her single life was a choice.

I choose not to get married. It’s not that I can’t.

— Sunny

And based on her past claims of wanting to stay single, Sunny stressed that her stance still stands.

I’ve yet to find a turning point that’s good enough to flip my preference to stay single. I don’t think I’m firm or wise enough to get married.

— Sunny

While Sunny understands that marriage is all about working to improve together as a couple, she expressed that she’s still not very tempted.

I’m especially against dating publicly.

— Sunny

Back in 2015, Sunny gained attention for announcing her stance as someone who wants to stay single on SBS‘s Roommate 2.

I’m not sure if marriage it something that I need to do. I want to stay single.

| @515sunnyday/Instagram

But regardless of her own stance, she indirectly suggested that she thinks Sooyoung will be the first member to get married with long-time boyfriend, Jung Kyung Ho.

To each their own, right?

Source: Insight

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