Girls’ Generation Sunny’s Savage Comment About Her Members Prove Their True Group Relationship

She really doesn’t want to do this with her members.

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny appeared as a guest on Eye Contact, where Kang Ho Dong asked who she wants to make eye contact with.


Sunny revealed that she’d like to sit down with her dad and have a sincere conversation while making eye contact so she can thank him.

I think it’d be good to make eye contact with my dad.

When I was young, he was a flight attendant so he was abroad often. I also started working at a young age.

We usually joke with each other but I want to talk with him with more sincerity. I want to tell him, ‘Thank you.’

— Sunny


Kang Ho Dong then asked which Girls’ Generation member she’d like to make eye contact and have a sincere conversation with too. Sunny immediately responded with the most savage-yet-realistic comment ever!

My members? Do I have to? I have to make eye contact with them too?

I’m so tired of them now!

— Sunny


She revealed that the girls talk way too much so there’s nothing left to say out in the open!

We talk way too much! There’s no need for us to sit down and talk anything out since we always talk too much!

— Sunny


All of the members are so close with each other that they never have anything hidden emotions when it comes to the group! Sunny proved once again that Girls’ Generation members are basically real sisters!

Source: Newsen

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