Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s New Single Shockingly Free Falls Out Of Charts

Fans and netizens alike are stunned.

Korean netizens recently noticed that Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s new single “Heaven” dropped out of the MelOn Top 100 chart less than two days after its release… and they are beyond shocked.

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| SM Entertainment

Taeyeon released “Heaven” on July 8. Skip to July 10, and the song is already out of MelOn and Genie’s top 100 tracks, two of the most used streaming platforms in South Korea.

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“Heaven” chart ranking per hour. |

In a viral post on TheQoo pointing out “Heaven”‘s free fall, the original poster blamed SM Entertainment and the lack of promotions for the poor chart performance. However, not everyone agreed with the OP. Some netizens claimed they weren’t even aware the song was out, while others stated they simply didn’t vibe with the song.

| TheQoo
  • “OMG, I didn’t know the song was out until I saw this post.”
  • “Wow, I didn’t know it was released.”
  • “It’s really tough to get into and stay in the top 100 these days, even for AKMU.”
  • “It seems like they saved their energy for the full album and went easy on the single.”
  • “You can’t hit the mark every time. It’s hard to always appeal to the masses. And I think it’s true that there was a lack of promotion. I didn’t know the song was out either.”
  • “I didn’t know it was released.”
  • “The vibe is fresh, but the melody doesn’t support it… The song is just bad.”
| TheQoo
  • “The song isn’t my style…”
  • “Wasn’t Taeyeon always a bit hit-or-miss? Maybe the next one will be better.”
  • “It’s not that SM Entertainment trusts Taeyeon. It’s more so that Taeyeon isn’t interested in promotion. Do you think the company tells her not to go on music shows or variety shows? She just doesn’t do it.”
  • “Taeyeon never did much promotion before, but her songs always ranked high, which I thought was impressive.”
  • “I didn’t even know it was out;;”
  • “The timing doesn’t really fit the season, and it’s not a mainstream concept either. The full album might come out in a few months? She never did much promotion before, but this time, it was really no promotion at all, lol. A lot of people didn’t know it was released.”
  • “I like the song though T_T”

What are your thoughts? You can check out “Heaven” in the link below!

Source: TheQoo

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