Girls’ Generation’s YoonA And 2PM’s Lee Junho Include Their Not-So-Secret Handshake In “King The Land”

The director loved it!

JTBC‘s new K-Drama King the Land has become an instant hit as viewers have fallen in love with Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and 2PM‘s Lee Junho‘s characters.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (left) and 2PM’s Lee Junho (right)

Since these idol-actors go way back with a longtime friendship, they portray some of the best chemistry on-screen and off. Fans can’t help but ship them as they see similarities between the actors and their characters.


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Junho and YoonA are so close in real life that something unique to them and their relationship even made it to the K-Drama.

Previously, YoonA and Junho revealed in their interview with Allure that they have a not-so-secret handshake. The King the Land director took notice and loved it so much that it became incorporated into the K-Drama.

Fans have been anticipating the moment. Until then, Junho and YoonA have shown off their handshake in interviews…

Now, with the release of Episode 6 of King the Land, we’ve finally seen their characters do it too! When Goo Won (Junho) and Sa Rang (YoonA) finally won a luck-based game, they embraced and followed up with the iconic handshake.

It shows just how close Junho and YoonA are that even their personal handshake made it into their romance drama!

Watch the interview below.

Source: Allure

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