Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Prefers Wearing Suits Over Dresses For Photoshoots—Here’s Why

She shared why she likes suits over dresses more!

As a top-notch visual idol, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona has rocked a multitude of outfits on many occasions, and she’s killed it everytime!

Yoona | Y Noblesse Korea

Whether it’s her casual outfits

…picture-perfect appearances in gowns

…or stage outfits, Yoona stuns with her unparalleled visual everytime!

And now, in a recent keyword interview with Y Noblesse Korea, Yoona was asked whether she prefers suits or dresses more! While first conceding that either was good depending on the occasion, she finally chose suits to be more her style when it came to photoshoots!

It depends on the occasion. I think either would be perfect for Y [Nobless Korea] magazine! But personally, I like wearing a suit for magazine photoshoots.


She then said that she probably prefers suits more because she’s worn dresses tons of times before, and it’s a different look for her!

Maybe it’s because I wore dresses a lot before.


Yoona in both looks amazing! With suits, she gives off a powerful, chic aura…

…while in dresses, she carries herself with the grace and elegance she’s known for!

You can watch her talk about it here!

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