TRI.BE’s Songsun Shares How Her Cousin—Girls’ Generation’s Yuri—Inspired Her To Become A K-Pop Star

The family resemblance is undeniable.

Songsun is the talented leader, main vocalist, and lead dancer of Shinsadong Tiger‘s new rookie girl group, TRI.BE, but she also has another claim to fame: she’s the younger cousin on Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri. In a new interview with The Korea Times, Songsun revealed how Yuri inspired her to become a K-Pop star herself.

Songsun first revealed her connection to Yuri in a pre-debut interview with Shinsadong Tiger—her agency CEO and the famous producer behind EXID, MOMOLAND‘s “BBoom BBoom”, and more. Admitting that she sometimes gets surprised by her close resemblance to the 31-year-old Girls’ Generation star, Songsun explained that her mother and Yuri’s mother are sisters.

Yuri (left) & Songsun (right) | @yulyulk/Instagram, TRI.BE fancafe

Talking to The Korea Times, Songsun revealed that having Yuri as her cousin gave her the unique opportunity to watch stage performances in person from a young age. Now 24 years old, Songsun was just 10 years old when Girls’ Generation debuted. “I had many chances to go to concerts, music programs, and live tours to other countries,” Songsun explained.

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While every Sone can agree that watching Girls’ Generation performances on television is awesome, Songsun says that being in front of their actual stages was a completely different experience. When she watched Yuri and her members perform, Songsun thought to herself, “I want to be under those glamorous lights too.”

| @tribedaloca/Instagram

I wanted to be great too.

— Songsun

That’s what gave Songsun the drive and determination to go through eight years of grueling training at various agencies. “I endured all those years of endless practicing and here I am,” she shared.

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In her pre-debut interview, Songsun revealed that Yuri was originally against Songsun’s aspiration to become a K-Pop star—”She told me that unless I’m really good at it, that I should not pursue it.” However, after seeing Songsun’s incredible singing and dancing talents, Yuri changed her mind, encouraging Sonsung to “endure it to the very end.”

| @tribedaloca/Twitter

Now, Songsun reveals that Yuri would often tell her to stay humble and never give up, supporting her all the way as she trained for almost a decade. “Those who stay until the end will always be the winner,” says the budding rookie starlet.

Source: Image and The Korea Times

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