Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Proves She’s Supermodel Material In Footage From Allure Photoshoot

She totally rocked this photoshoot!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri could totally be a supermodel, and the footage from her Allure Korea photoshoot proves it!

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri | @yulyulk/Instagram

Although Yuri’s natural beauty speaks for itself and stands out in any photo, she went above and beyond during her photoshoot by trying eye-catching, experimental poses.

| 유리한TV/YouTube

First, she struck relaxed poses in a chair and exuded cool girl vibes.

Then, she posed mysteriously behind a curtain.

Next, she took really cool photos while looking at herself in a shard of glass.

While rocking a stunning all-black outfit, Yuri posed and poured water into a vase on the ground. Even the photographer was impressed with how well she pulled off this pose, and she told Yuri how cool she looked!

Yuri managed to make an oversized sweater look sexy as she posed in the next segment of the shoot.

She posed with sculptures next, but she looked like the real art!

In the last section of the shoot, Yuri served rich CEO looks and posed while balancing on one leg.

Although Yuri could have stuck to traditional poses during this photoshoot, she was brave enough to try experimental poses, and her bravery definitely paid off!

Watch Yuri’s behind-the-scenes footage from the photoshoot below.


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