Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Proves How Confident She Is With Her View On Haters

She proves to not care about what any hater thinks of her.

On August 13, 2022, the Girls’ Generation episode of the JTBC hit show Knowing Brothers went on air.

(From left to right) Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun | JTBC 

During the broadcast, Girls’ Generation could be seen having a blast with the show’s hosts. The chemistry between the hosts and the group was sure to make fans smile while watching!

In the keyword segment of the show, Hyoyeon stated that she believed in fundamentally evil human nature. After the hosts questioned Hyoyeon on why she chose this, she began to explain that she saw this side of humanity during her career with malicious comments against her.

Hyoyeon | JTBC

I started to believe it(her key word) as I was working. In the past I didn’t really care about malicious comments, I stayed positive.

Hyoyeon then details how it would anger her since these malicious commenters knew nothing about her.

Without knowing the truth or knowing about me, people would write negative comments about me, solely based on rumors or my looks. They don’t even consider my feelings when writing them. It’s impossible to not get angry.

Her subsequent follow-up thought about hate comments was utterly savage. Hyoyeon states that she wishes to invite these haters to meet in person so they can say these comments to her face! Even her other members show shocked-looking faces.

They should come see me. When I’m not busy with my schedules, I really want to see them. I want to tell them to say it to my face.

After her surprising remark, the hosts ask Hyoyeon if she responds to these hate comments. Her response proves just how mature and seasoned she is as an artist.

No, they’re not worth replying to. When I thought about how we’re born without knowing anything and how we learn, I thought how humans can be inherently evil[…] In the past, my seniors told me not to read them. I didn’t, but now I do. I simply laugh at it and wonder what is on their mind to write such an offensive comment.

Seeing how confident Hyoyeon regards hate comments shows how strong of morale the artist has!

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