Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Makes Fun Of Hyoyeon For Dying Her Hair Every Fortnight For Years

That’s right, she has to dye her hair every two weeks!

Hyoyeon has experimented with several hairstyles for the past few years.

But one thing’s stayed the same and that’s her hair color!

Hyoyeon has kept her hair blonde for many years now.

Even when she dyed it purple-blue for Holiday Night for Girls’ Generation‘s tenth anniversary, she still went straight back to blonde after the comeback was over.

And no one is complaining because she rocks blonde so well!

Given that blonde hair is not part of the Asian genome, Hyoyeon has had to pull through some inconveniences to maintain this stylistic choice.

She has had to bleach and dye her hair on a regular basis for it to look completely platinum-blonde.

And she has had to dye hair hair every two weeks!

This fact was something she revealed on her Instagram while promoting her hair products.

The reason why my hair sticks well even if I dye it every two weeks

Still, fans were still shocked that she had to dye her hair every few days.

Fellow member Sunny was among them and even cheekily left a comment on Hyoyeon’s Instagram.

Being around Hyoyeon for more than ten years, if anyone would have joked about Hyoyeon’s constant dye job, it would be Sunny!

At this point, Hyoyeon’s scalp should really be sprouting blonde hair, no…..

Despite dyeing her hair every two weeks for years, unfortunately, Hyoyeon is still not a natural blonde.

Hyoyeon replied to Sunny’s comment with a resigned tone.

That’s what I’m saying

👩🏼‍⚕️ Sheesh

🥴 Kekeke

Fortunately for Hyoyeon, she previously found out that her scalp health is fine, even with the constant hair-dyeing!

Maybe one day, Hyoyeon’s scalp will naturally grow blonde hair too!

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