Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s Father Has Passed Away

May he rest in peace.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon‘s father has passed away today due to a heart attack.

According to an exclusive report from E Daily, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s father passed away earlier today, March 9, due to acute myocardial infarction, which is also known as a heart attack. After learning of the news, Taeyeon immediately headed over to join her family, including her mother, brother, and sister.

SM Entertainment has confirmed the news in their short statement to E Daily.

Taeyeon is currently preparing the funeral with her family. The funeral will be held in private with her family.

— SM Entertainment

It is especially sad for Taeyeon, as today is her 31st birthday. She was scheduled to release her single “HAPPY”, which is a gift for her fans today, as well as hold a celebratory live broadcast, but it is expected that those will be delayed to allow her time to mourn with her family.

May Taeyeon’s father rest in peace.

Source: E Daily
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